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“Which video series should I start with: Baby Signing Time or Signing Time?”

This is a question that many parents ask us. In truth, your children will learn sign language with any of our American Sign Language (ASL) videos. Here is what our Customer Care team says about choosing the video series that will best fit the needs of your family:

  • If your child is age 0-3, start with Baby Signing Time
  • If your child is 3 or older, start with Signing Time
  • If you have a child in each age range, the choice is yours. However, we recommend starting with Baby Signing Time and then “graduating” to Signing Time because we’ve found that older kids enjoy Baby Signing Time just as much as infants and toddlers do!
  • If you have a child with special needs, choose the series that best matches your child’s current developmental abilities. If your child is attending school, the Signing Time videos teach school-related vocabulary, greetings, and manners.

Baby Signing Time


  • This delightful 4-volume set was created specifically for babies aged 3-36 months.
  • Lots of catchy music and uplifting lyrics will keep Baby dancing, singing, and best of all – learning how to communicate with you.
  • Rachel demonstrates the signs in an easy to remember way.
  • Alex, Leah, and Hopkins the frog are lovable animated characters.
  • Children in the show are all 2-years-old and under, so your child will see other children their own ages signing.
  • Learning ASL helps reduce tantrums and increases vocabulary.
  • Learn more about Baby Signing Time here.

Get Baby Signing Time

Signing Time

Series One


  • Signing Time, suggested for ages 6 months-8 years old is the original series.
  • Created for children to learn to communicate using American Sign Language.
  • Series One and Series Two, each with 13 volumes, making a total of 26 shows.
  • Series One features the first three volumes with Spanish options.
  • You learn over 370 signs in Series One!
  • Learn signing through original music and song.
  • Rachel teaches the signs, and Alex and Leah provide the fun while reinforcing the signs.
  • Children signing in the shows are ages infants through teens.

Get Signing Time Series 1

Series Two


  • Rachel visually teaches how to do ASL signs, but each episode is also rich in signs that are not specifically taught.
  • Helps children – and adults – to watch for signs and become more familiar with how ASL is used.
  • Reinforces signs learned in Series One.
  • Videos are themed – greetings, birthday, sports, seasons, household chores – and much more.
  • Rachel, Alex, and Leah are themselves in the shows.
  • Fun songs educates and teaches values.
  • Concepts are a little more advanced than Series One and suggested for up to age 8.
  • You can read more about the differences in Series One and Series Two.

Get Signing Time Series 2

We hope this has helped know if Baby Signing Time or Signing Time is best for your child. Our Customer Care Team is always ready to help answer any questions you may have. Give us a call at 801-676-4440 if you need further information.

We would love to hear YOUR story of how Signing Time or Baby Signing Time has helped your family learn to communicate. You can add your testimony or send us an email at


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