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Why Use Sign Language in Homeschool?

Written by: Rose Turnbow American Sign Language (ASL) is perfect for homeschoolers because: American Sign Language is a qualifying foreign language to most colleges. Teaching ASL helps students become more engaged through cognitive and whole-body learning. Signing is a powerful tool for behavior management in the classroom. It encourages students to be more alert and aware of the instructor when using silent cues (ASL). Reinforces other classroom curricula. Children have fun learning it. When I was homeschooling my two daughters, not knowing a second language myself, the idea of a required foreign language was daunting.  In my research, I found out that most colleges …

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Signing Time or Baby Signing Time?

“Which video series should I start with: Baby Signing Time or Signing Time?” This is a question that many parents ask us. In truth, your children will learn sign language with any of our American Sign Language (ASL) videos. Here is what our Customer Care team says about choosing the video series that will best fit the needs of your family: If your child is age 0-3, start with Baby Signing Time If your child is 3 or older, start with Signing Time If you have a child in each age range, the choice is yours. However, we recommend starting with Baby Signing Time and then …

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What if your whole school used sign language?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]What would it look like if all the students in your school used signs to enhance learning?  What would a typical day in class look like? What would the teachers think? How would parents react? How would it affect bilingual students? How would it affect special needs students? With the help of our friends at The STAR school, a bilingual charter school in Arizona serving the Navajo Nation, you can see how beneficial and fun a school-wide signing program can be! Read Video Transcript About this video The STAR School 3-to-3rd Project infuses both American Sign and Navajo Languages throughout …

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