We just received a great birthday party idea that I wanted to share with you.  One of our fans, Katie, recently turned 7 and wanted a “Hopkins Party”.  Here’s what Mom, Starr, wrote to us:

I’ll just admit it…   I’m as hooked on your Signing Time DVD’s as my daughter Katie is.      I am homeschooling her and we use this as part of our school day.     We have  3 other families that  we “hang  out” with and they are getting hooked too. :  )
Recently,  we did a family birthday party for my little girl (she turned 7) and  she wanted a “Hopkins party”.     Well,  I made  a  “Hopkins” cake,  we all had to do the “Silly Pizza Song”, and  we watched Signing Time the whole time…
I have  inserted a few pictures  so you could see how much fun Katie had.    This is an idea that  some others might   “take off” with , as well.

Just so you know, there is a thread on our Signing Time Forums where our fans have told about their Signing Time Birthday Parties and families have uploaded some of their ST! Birthday ideas.  Here is the link for you to check out to see other party ideas:


We always love to hear about the great ideas you have and we love it when you share your photo’s with us.  Send them to info@signingtime.com and/or join our forums and post them there for all to see.

As you can see in the photo with Katie and Hopkins, pizza was served so it was very fitting to sing the Silly Pizza Song – and above – Starr is quite talented in decorating cakes – doesn’t Hopkins look great sitting in the pond?  Thank you Katie & Starr for sharing Katie’s birthday party with us and some of the hidden benefits of learning sign language.

Happy Birthday, Katie!