iTunes puts Signing Time app at the top of list for parents

When parents want to know what apps to get their child, Apple makes life easier by providing a list of their best family-friendly apps. The Signing Time app is in the top 3 iPhone apps for moms and dads – just under Elmo’s Monster Maker and BabyPhone – and just before Dora!

Signing Time iPhone Application

Here’s what Allie’s mom had to say about the Signing Time app:

This application is wonderful. My baby is starting to learn sign language. We now always have something with us to help us learn. While in the Dr’s waiting room the other day, we started to go through the flash cards. I was thrilled when we got to book and before I said anything she showed me the sign for book. I didn’t even know she knew it! She is also learning to “flip” the cards and shuffle through them. I never have to worry about bringing a book or something to entertain her now. I highly recommend this as well as the other Signing Time products.

Try the Signing Time iPhone app out for yourself. It’s just $2.99!

Signing Time on the App Store

5 thoughts on “iTunes puts Signing Time app at the top of list for parents”

  1. My daughter watches Signing Time a lot and is 2. She knows about 75 signs, but I would like something for Signing Time on the go. Any idea if there will be an Android App of Signing Time. I would buy it for sure! Thanks

  2. First let me say that my daughter and our family love the Signing Times videos.

    I really liked the Signing Times app interface in the free trial version, with the ability to look up signs that I had forgotten, so I purchased the real version. I bought the $2.99 version because it had more signs than the $4.99 version, and I wasn’t interested in the music videos. Unfortunately, I realized only afterwards that it doesn’t have video examples of the signs. Since it’s sometimes difficult to figure out how to sign something correctly by just looking at a static picture with arrows, it would be very helpful for you to update the app to include short video examples for all of the signs.

    FYI, I would have been happy to have paid $4.99 for the 150 signs with video examples, with or without the music videos, but I’m not going to spend more money on another Signing Times app. So I think it’s unfortunate that the free version was misleading as to what you would get with the paid version. You have such a great product and reputation, so you shouldn’t diminish it with a sub-par iPhone app.

  3. Meredith Holland

    I have been using Signing Time since my Little Miss, now 4, was 13 months old. She was SO excited when I finally got an iPhone and downloaded the Signing Time app. She quickly lost interest though when she discovered that she only had access to Volumes 1 & 2. I know you have more advanced signs in the music videos, like “Down on Leah’s Farm”, on the app but more advanced signs in the flash cards, Find a Sign, and challenges would be great.

    My daughter does like using the app to show me what she knows. But we would both enjoy it more if she was learning more signs from it because it would keep her attention longer.

    Thank you for asking for our input. You guys are always great about asking what we want. Thank you!

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