Signing Time Halloween

Happy early Halloween from Signing Time! We wanted to share a cute email we got the other day from a fan:

Hi there,

Brynn and Paige dressed as Rachel and Hopkins
Brynn and Paige dressed as Rachel and Hopkins

We thought the Signing Time team might get a kick out of seeing some of their fan club dressed up for Halloween. Brynn, our two-year-old daughter, was one of the signers for Baby Signing Time. She wanted to be Rachel for Halloween, so we did our best with a yellow hoodie and magic markers. We also dressed up her baby sister, Paigey, as Hopkins. As the picture shows, Brynn is pretty excited about it. Baby Hopkins, not so much, but cute nonetheless!

Stephanie F.

If you have any cute pictures of your kids dressed as Signing Time characters, we would love to see them and highlight our favorites on our next blog post.

You can send pictures to with the subject line “Signing Time Halloween.” Keep in mind, we will be posting some of our favorites online, not all of them. Also, by submitting your information, you give us permission to post your pictures and stories on our blog.

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  1. this probably isn’t the right place to ask, but I’m just wondering when the sweepstakes winner will be posted?

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