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Baby Signing Time

Just wanted to let you know about my five-year-old, Little Brian, and how much he loves Baby Signing Time videos.
He who was born with Rubenstein Taybi Syndrome. He doesn’t speak any words, but loves to move his little hands around while he watches the videos. He can sometimes make the sign for more!
Baby Brian Beats Cancer
Last year, Brian was diagnosed with Leukemia. I quit my part-time job as our already heavy load of doctor and therapy appointments skyrocketed. We spent many months in the hospital. When no other toys could calm Brian during his painful chemo treatments, we let him watch Baby Signing Time videos and it got him through. Whenever we go to clinic for special chemo procedures that require him to be perfectly still, we crank up the videos and he loves them.
Thank you so much for bringing joy to sweet Little Brian when things were so bleak for him. You’ll never know how much it means to us.
P.S. He had a chemo treatment two days ago and is in terrible pain today. He is watching one of the videos now and is so much happier!!

Signing Time

It is our greatest honor to share in the grief and the abundant joy of our Signing Time extended family. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Heather.

And a warm welcome to Indigo and Violet. 🌈”When I was pregnant with my fifth child, we listened to/watched Signing Time A LOT, and I Can Eat A Rainbow was a fave. He was stillborn and hearing that song was upsetting for a long time, but two years later we were blessed with a rare type of identical twins. Being our 6th and 7th children, it made sense to name them after the last two colors of the rainbow, and we often sing “Indigo and Violet too!” to the babies. (But we don’t eat them 😊)

Indigo and Violet

Signing Time Sentences

My boys and I just got done watching Signing Time Sentences! We loved it! I am coming up on finals week of my first semester in college to be an interpreter. It is so good to see the information taught in a different (way more fun) way! And holy cow! Alex’s voice changed a ton! We are used to seeing itty-bitty Alex and Leah! Just wanted to say thank you! We have been watching Signing Time for years. It has helped both of my boys learn their first words and encouraged me to go back to school to be an interpreter for school aged kids! Love you guys! ~Andrea M.

SignIt ASL

Thank you so much for the next lesson! I homeschool my 6-year-old daughter and my deaf 3-year-old son is medically homebound for all his therapy services. SignIt! lessons have become a daily part of our homeschool. My kids enjoy the Signing Time videos but the SignIt! lessons have allowed us to move onto more conversational signing so that we can use it in our everyday life. Even our deaf friends have noticed how much we are learning! It makes us really proud to acquire ASL at a faster pace. The videos before each section are so helpful in allowing us to see full conversations using the vocabulary we are learning put into use. The quizzes are very helpful in cementing the new vocabulary in our memory and practice receptive skills at the same time. My daughter squeals loudly when she scores 100%. My son watches us closely the entire lesson and mimics us adding to his own signing vocabulary. When we started Lesson 1, we were very overwhelmed trying to learn so much so quickly especially the sentence sections. As we have worked our way through the lessons, it’s become a very comfortable way to learn and we rewind it frequently to make sure we get the body language and facial expressions closer to what they need to be. When my daughter is focused on another subject, I often put the lessons on mute on my laptop and just let them play for my son to watch at his leisure. Signing always catches his attention! The simple backgrounds help him focus on the people signing instead of being too distracted by visual clutter. The section we had the hardest time with was the counting lessons. While we could catch signs in the learning part, the number signs were hard to catch in the brief time they flashed up for the quiz. We played it again and again but couldn’t be sure what we saw to answer correctly.
We are so very grateful for this opportunity you have given us to learn to sign as a family. I watch my son’s vocabulary growing as the rest of us sign more and am more relaxed signing to our deaf friends or teachers of the deaf. It’s been exciting and awesome to see my son’s face light up when he is understood or he understands us.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Melissa, Joe, Hannah and Finn
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