Rachel & the TreeSchoolers is STEM & STEAM Appropriate

We often get asked if Rachel & the TreeSchoolers is STEM & STEAM appropriate. The quick answer is YES, but let’s go deeper.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) vs. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) doesn’t matter when it comes to adding Rachel & the TreeSchoolers. STEM and STEAM are far more than the subjects they are named for. Both STEM and STEAM embraces teaching skills and subjects in an a way that relate to real life situations. Rachel & the TreeSchoolers embraces the same learning philosophy. TreeSchoolers incorporates the best elements of Schoolhouse Rock, Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street to deliver a well-rounded preschool science curriculum for ages 2-6 making it a perfect addition to STEM and STEAM education. Rachel & the TreeSchoolers teaches preschool science through fun songs that are reinforce with American Sign Language vocabulary along the way.Rachel & the TreeSchoolersOne review states, “Rachel & the TreeSchoolers is not about memorizing facts; it’s about discovering the world around us and figuring out how it works. The music is great, there are a huge number of signs taught that are hard to find elsewhere, and it even keeps the attention of my one year old. My background is in engineering, and I still learned some scientific concepts that were new to me.”

Rachel & the TreeSchoolers is a great addition to your STEM or STEAM Education in any classroom or homeschool.

Rachel & the TreeSchoolers is a great resource for your classroom or child care center! In fact, we’ve created a free PDF Activity Guide for each of the episodes to make it easy for you to bring the TreeSchooler experience to life in your classroom. Each guide is packed with activities, games, flash cards, and other printables. You can feel confident about using Rachel & the TreeSchoolers in your classroom because it:

  • is based on a comprehensive educational framework developed by Emily Swan, Ph.D.
  • uses whole body learning that engages children with multi-sensory activities
  • uses the CORI method of learning which teaches children HOW to learn
  • teaches values like kindness, teamwork and sharing
  • uses a layered learning approach where multiple concepts are taught simultaneously – mirroring how learning happens in real life. For example, in Episode 2, the song 5 Spring Flowers teaches counting from 1-5 – forward and backwards, which is the foundational skill for adding and subtracting. It teaches colors and feelings as well.
    Cori 4-Step Learning Cycle

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