Baby Signing Time Production

Baby Signing Time production is going really well!! Over the weekend, we had a retreat for all the babies, moms and dads that are participating in the next Baby Signing Time DVD. Jed Boal with KSL Channel 5, the NBC affiliate here in Salt Lake City, did a behind the scenes exclusive interview with Rachel and some of the parents involved in the production. Watch the KSL segment that ran on Friday, May 16th at 5:00 p.m. Read the article below and continue reading to see more pictures!

In The Sky – Ghana 5/2008

May 10, 2008 This morning I left for Ghana. I stayed up until 3 or 4 in the morning packing. I am only going to be gone for 6 days, but you should see the size of my suitcase. It weighs over 65 pounds, mostly because of the Signing Time books and flash cards I am bringing. The toughest thing about preparing for this trip has been making sure that Leah and Lucy are covered after school, Monday through Thursday. We are in production on new shows, so Aaron, my husband is booked solid. We have a tight schedule and …

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Tribute from Leah to her Mom, Rachel

Earlier this month, Leah wrote an essay for her 5th grade class about her hero-her mom! We asked Aaron Coleman, Rachel’s husband, to record Leah as she expressed her appreciation to her mom. Since Mother’s Day has come and gone, we thought it might be kind of cool to share this with you!

Signing Time in Las Vegas

I am not sure how many of you know, but Signing Time recently went to Las Vegas as part of the Las Vegas PBS “Sing and Sign” event. Rachel, LeeAnn, Tonya (associates and friends of Signing Time) and I did a couple events while we were there. One of the first things we did the day of the event was Rachel’s early morning interview with Fox Channel 5 in Las Vegas. Rachel talked to the Ted Pretty about the benefits of teaching sign language to children and toddlers at an early age. Ted showed Rachel some signs that he was …

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Rachel in the New York Daily News!

Rachel Coleman was featured in a New York Daily News article last week. The article is ‘Sign language singer nabs Emmy nom,’ written by Rosemary Black. I have also pasted the article below. Hope you enjoy! Sign language singer nabs Emmy nom By ROSEMARY BLACK DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Thursday, May 8th 2008, 4:00 AM Rachel Coleman founded “Signing Time” after learning her daughter was deaf. Just one month after Leah Coleman’s birth in 1996, the hospital where she’d been born began mandatory newborn hearing screenings. It was too late for Leah, who spent the first 14 months of her …

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Going Back To Ghana on Saturday!

It is official!! I am going back to Ghana this Saturday! Are you floored? So am I. A few months ago I was invited to return for a meeting with a number of worldwide organizations to discuss what is working, what is not working and how to sustain the successful programs in the future. When I got the invite I was so excited, I checked the dates and saw that even though my May was pretty full, I could make it work if I left for Ghana on May 10th and returned the 16th. The idea of such a short …

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Welcome to the Signing Time company blog!

Hello Everyone, We are so excited to announce our new company blog for Two Little Hands Productions, creators of Signing Time! With this blog we hope to provide you with the latest and greatest Signing Time and sign language news. Each month, different people on our staff will write about articles, new products, fun facts, resources, behind the scenes or any random facts related to the sign language community. We invite you to take a look at our latest posts, provide any feedback or comments and forward helpful information to your friends. We are most certainly excited about this new …

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Pieces of Ghana

I have received a number of request and questions about Ghana. Yeah! I am glad you all enjoyed the experience as much as we did. It is still something I think about daily. Aaron is working on the video this week and we are hoping to have it as a special feature on an upcoming Signing Time DVD. Yes we have video of the crocodile run, the canopy bridges and my feeble attempt at carrying water on my head. After my blog that showed Alfred and the first elephant carving, my friend Natalie called and said, “I love my elephant! …

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You Win Some, You Lose Some

I know some of you are already having “Going To Ghana” withdrawals. So am I! I promise to continue posting some more pictures and stories. I am relieved to have the entire journal transcribed and posted and it was a real challenge for me to “go back” especially over the final two journal days. When all is said and done and read, I realized I was only successful in giving you a flavor of the experience. Honestly, I have concerns about what I posted and that eventually there will come the request for me to remove it. My bigger concerns …

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Freedom of Vinyl Lettering

As I am coming to the end of transcribing and posting my Ghana Journal I am realizing that there are pieces, pictures and stories that I somehow left out. Surprising I know, since I have actually transcribed over 46 single spaced pages (so far), in a Word Doc. I know I mentioned that the taxis have vinyl lettering on the back windows. 99% of the sayings or words are spiritual in nature. Maybe we can be inspired by these images. What would you put on your car?

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