Summer of Science, Signs, Learning, and Fun

Keep Young Minds Actively Learning all Summer

Enjoy the following fun, educational programs together as a family.
Summer of Science
Summer of Signing
Summer Signing Activities
Where Is Hopkins?

Summer of Science

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Summer of Signing

“I just recently purchased SignIt for my homeschool foreign language curriculum
this year. My 3rd grader learned sign language with Baby Signing Time starting at 6 months, as have my 3 kids after her. They ALL love to sign and SignIt was the next step after Signing Time.

My daughter (in the last 3 days) has watched and re-watched so many chapters I lost count. She LOVES it. I LOVE IT. My 1st grader loves it. They have all started signing in sentences and now my 4-year-old and 2-year-old have picked up on several phrases. What the what? This is insanely effective and VERY entertaining.

Absolutely worth the price tag. Thank you for creating this educational, FUN, easy way to learn signing beyond knowing individual words.”

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Summer Signing Activities

The letters and numbers indicate which series and volume of Signing Time that the activity corresponds with – like this:
Series #, Volume # (Title of Show) – Name of Activity

All Mixed Up

Additional Activities:

Uddering Signs

Uddering Signs – Learn where milk comes from.

Doodle Time – This group activity will help you practice signs with play and a drawing game.

I’m Going on a Picnic – This activity can improve your memory skills as you have fun with the alphabet.

Categorizing My Signs – Practice your sorting skills.

Remembering My Signs – Play a memory game with Rachel and the signs you have learned.

Signs About Me – This group activity will help you practice your signs.

Fast or Slow

Fast or Slow – Grab your friends and play a game with Hopkins.

Hopkins Puzzle – Cut this Hopkins puzzle apart and then put him back together.

Let’s Make Ice CreamMove and Groove and make you own ice cream.


Signing Time Word Search – Find the words for the signs you learned in Series Two Vol. 8: My House – DVD

Shake, Shake, Shake

Shake, Shake, Shake – Make a tambourine, then Move and Groove.

My Name Is… – Can you name all of the letters in the manual alphabet?

Signing My Pets – Practice your math and animal signs at the same time.


Where Is Hopkins

Hopkins is packing a bag and getting ready for a summer adventure! Join Signing Time fans and Signing Time Academy Instructors worldwide as we take Hopkins traveling with us!  

#whereishopkinsReady, Set, Hop! Hopkins’ adventures start today and will continue all summer. Pull out a map, and follow his travels with your family! He will be hopping all over the world!

Where is he going? To find out, follow the hashtag #WhereIsHopkins on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets. As he travels, his helpers will post photos and information about the places he visits! You and your kids will learn about geography, science, nature, and of course – American Sign Language.

Want to get in on the fun? Grab your official Signing Time Plush HOPKINS and join us! Post pictures of Hopkins enjoying YOUR family’s travels and don’t forget to include the hashtag #WhereIsHopkins If you do not have a Hopkins, you can purchase one from your local Instructor or on our website here! Alternatively, you can decorate a Hopkins coloring sheet and bring it with you as you travel.

Where do you think Hopkins will travel this summer? We can’t wait to see where you will take him, too! Have fun!

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Baby Hopkins

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