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It’s a Great Time for Learning about Farm Animals

Little ones love to learn about farm animals. And we parents love to teach them about farm animals. We often ask our kids things like, “What does a cow say?” When we talk about any specific animal, our little ones will burst out with the sound that animal makes. So as we approach National Farm Animals Day on April 10, let’s look at ways to have even more fun learning about farm animals with our kids.

Picture Books 

There are so many resources available for learning about farm animals. This is a good time to take a trip to your library and look through for books about farm animals in the children’s section. They will be at the end of the 500 section. Then enjoy reading the books you’ve chosen together over the next few days. Your kids will really enjoy the pictures of farm animals too.

Dress Up!

Our kids also love to dress up as their favorite characters or in any silly way. So we can have fun dressing up like our favorite farm animals. See if you can find some fun animal costumes, or challenge your kids to look around and see what they can come up with for an animal costume. Are you brave enough to use face paint? Your kids would love it! 

And while they enjoy being dressed up as farm animals, we parents can ask them what they know about their animal. What sound does it make (of course)? Or what does it like to eat? What job does it have on a farm? Is it a bird or a mammal? What is the difference?

So have fun dressing your kids up as farm animals, and maybe consider joining them with your own costume!


Another way to learn about farm animals is to learn the signs for your favorite animals. The Signing Time Dictionary has instructions for all kinds of signs, and it’s free for you to use! And it has an animal section that is fun to look through. Here are some signs specifically for some standard farm animals.










And of course, we need to include the sign for farm!


At My Signing Time, we have some shows about farm animals. There’s Leah’s Farm in the Classic Signing Time Series. And there is Day At the Farm from At Home with Rachel (which is free to watch).

You can find all of our shows about animals here, and you can access them with a My Signing Time digital subscription. Subscriptions can be monthly or annual, and you can try it out first with a 14-day free trial.

Visit a Farm

Learning about farm animals through books and shows is fun, but how much more fun would it be to go to a farm? See if there is a farm near you that would allow visitors, and let your kids experience seeing these animals for themselves. 

What fun activities will you share with your kids to learn about farm animals?

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