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Learn Some Fun Family Signs Together

As we head into the season of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we’ll be helping our kids to plan and create fun gifts and activities to honor their parents. So as we work on these activities, let’s think of a few signs we could help our kids learn in the process. This family celebration time of year is a perfect time to learn some fun family signs together.

Family Names

The most obvious place to start is with family names. The People section of our free Signing Time Dictionary has instructions for signing several names for people in our communities. That includes names for family members. During this time of year, we could learn the signs for mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa. This is a really easy way to learn some fun family signs together.


We might celebrate these family days at home or somewhere else. So whether you’re planning to celebrate at home or at a restaurant or at someone else’s home, you can help your kids learn to sign the place you’re going. The Signing Time Dictionary has another section focused on Places. And some useful signs might be the ones for home, outside, restaurant, or house. While we’re talking about places, we could check out the sign for go too!


With little ones, there is a lot of building, choosing, drawing, and making during these holidays. So it’s a good time to learn the signs for those activities! 

We also tend to talk a lot about helping during this season, so we could learn the sign for help!

And then there are signs for the words party, today, and together. All great words to help us learn some fun family signs together.

My Signing Time

Another way to help your kids learn more signs for these family days is our Classic Signing Time show, Family, Feelings, and Fun

Additionally, our Baby Signing Time series teaches a lot of family and home related signs. 

You can watch Signing Time, Baby Signing Time, and so much more educational programming at My Signing Time. Try it out with a 14-day free trial today! 

What signs will you learn for these family days?

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