New Signing Time DVDs available

I thought everyone should know that we will be releasing Signing Time Series Two: Volumes 11 & 12 next week. BUT, you can pre-order your copies now!Volume 11 & 12 Gift Set

When you order the Gift Set, you will get:

  • Two New Signing Time DVDs: Once Upon a Time and Box of Crayons
  • FREE Signing Time Coloring Book
  • FREE 10 ColorSplash Twisting Crayons
  • Plus gift set pricing of $35.99. That’s a 10% savings!

Follow this link to learn more about how to pre-order your copies today!

2 thoughts on “New Signing Time DVDs available”

  1. Is there any chance that Signing Time will be available digitally through iTunes in the future? It would be wonderful to be able to take Signing Time wherever a laptop can go! Thanks for a wonderful program!

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