ASL Comedian Keith Wann Interviews Rachel

Keith WannASL comedian Keith Wann recently interviewed Emmy-nominated host of Signing Time, Rachel Coleman on his live internet radio show Cultural Bridges. Listen to clips from the show.

Signing Time Beginnings

My Life Before Signing Time

Why We Created Signing Time

I Wasn’t Supposed to Host the Show!

Deaf Community’s Response to Signing Time

Fighting Misconceptions: Signing is for ALL Kids

Parenting Experiences

Lessons in Being Hearing Parents of a Deaf Child

Getting ASL for Leah in School

ASL vs. Signed Exact English

ASL vs Speech: Speech is a Skill

Changing the School’s Expectations

What I Do Now 

Signing Time Foundation

High Points of Last 10 Years

How I Feel About Signing Time Fans

Go Do It! Make a Difference!


Listen to the complete interview here

Catch the Keith Wann radio show Cultural Bridges every Wednesday

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  1. Kyle Stielow

    Several of the Colorado STA instructors will be going to Keith’s show in Denver. Rachel you are welcome to join us.

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