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Signing Time Academy Welcomes NEW! Associate Directors

by Gwen Cox, Signing Time Academy Director Happy anniversary, Signing Time Academy! We are excited to introduce you to three new members of Associate Director (AD) team: Melisa Mons, our new AD for the Central Atlantic Region, Margot Holmes, our new AD for  the Atlantic Northeast Region, and Jamie Henry, our new AD for our Instructors in the U.S. military. Please read their bios below and join me in welcoming them to this fabulous Instructor support team! Melisa Mons – Central Atlantic Region: Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Virginia, West Virginia. Also: British Isles (England, Scotland, Ireland), Norway, Denmark, Sweden, …

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Signing Time Classes: A Good Fit for Children with Down Syndrome?

Signing Time Instructors offer classes for children of all ages. These classes are ideal for children with Down syndrome and their parents because they: Focus on useful, high-interest signs Each Signing Time class features fun games, songs, and stories that work together to hold children’s interest. This helps them to get the repetition and practice they need to learn useful signs they can use every day. Offer great socialization opportunities Children who have Down syndrome often enjoy social interaction and play a great deal. Signing Time classes introduce them to signs they can use to interact with other children in the class – …

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Signing Time Academy Update: Fall Classes

Now that school has started and the days are getting cooler, you may be looking for fun activities your family can do together.  The Signing Time Academy now offers a wide variety of classes that teach American Sign Language signs that your whole family can use for better communication. Choose from: One-on-one classes in your home Weekly classes for children under 3 Weekly classes for preschool age and older One-time workshops for parents and professionals Free informational presentations for parents and professionals Sign up today for an experience that will positively impact your child’s education and literacy skills for a …

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Academy Update: Signing Time Classes Boost Early Literacy

Signing Time Instructors are your partners on the road to reading. Listening to a child sound out a word or read a book for the first time is truly awe-inspiring.  As parents and teachers, we understand that learning to read just doesn’t happen overnight. There’s a lot of work involved! Signing Time Instructors are here to help you in the important work of raising a reader – and here’s how:

Summer Classes Are In Full Swing at the Signing Time Academy!

It’s summer! Are you looking for fun and educational activities that you and your kids can enjoy together? Take a Signing Time class with a Certified Signing Time Instructor! Join families in your community to learn ASL signs through songs, games, and engaging activities. In no time at all, you’ll be laughing, learning and signing with your children. Classes are filling fast, so contact your Signing Time Instructor today at

Happy Father’s Day from the Signing Time Academy!

By Gwen Cox The Signing Time Academy is adding new people almost daily. Some of those new instructors are dads! We currently have three men teaching classes in their communities and loving what they are doing. Their classes are impacting families and changing lives in a positive way. Our three Academy dads each have a very different story to share. One dad even has over 740 children…and they are all 6 years old! On Sunday we will celebrate fathers and how important they are to us. At the Signing Time Academy we recognize that dads play an important role not only in the …

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Signing Time Academy goes GLOBAL!

By Gwen Cox, Signing Time Academy Director The Signing Time Academy has enjoyed tremendous growth, not only in the United States, but around the globe.  Among the 200 certified instructors, the Academy has now expanded to include instructors from Canada, Germany, Australia, South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and the Philippines. Many more have applied from other countries and are now in the process of becoming instructors, and so the number of countries with Signing Time Academy instructors is growing each week.  The reaction of families all over the world to the top-rated Baby Signing Time program has been exciting. After …

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Signing Time Academy Announces Ten “Associate Directors”

by Gwen Cox, Signing Time Academy Director We are pleased to introduce you to our Associate Directors in the Signing Time Academy! This is a new position that was created to support our rapidly-growing group of Signing Time Instructors. Ten Associate Directors have been selected from our pool of Certified Master Instructors to help motivate, inspire and direct Instructors while also providing guidance for all new applicants coming to the Academy. Associate Directors work as extensions of the Signing Time Academy Director, Gwen Cox. If you are considering applying to become an Instructor, contact any of the Associate Directors below. …

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Signing Time Academy: Meet the Winter DREAM TEAM!

by Gwen Cox, Signing Time Academy Director In the summer of 1992 in Barcelona, Spain, 12 men from the United States formed the US Olympic Basketball “Dream Team” and took home the Gold.  What many people don’t realize is that the US Women’s Olympic Basketball Team also took home a medal of their own – a shiny Bronze. Together with the men, they complete the 24-member “Dream Team” that went to Spain to compete for the United States. Now that the 2010 Winter Olympics has passed, I decided to bring this theme of champions to the Signing Time Academy! I’d …

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