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Signing Time launches iPhone App

We’ve been hard at work creating new ways to learn with Signing Time. Late last week we launched our first iPhone application. The application uses our flashcards and short video clips to teach basic ASL vocabulary. The iPhone app contains all the signs from our first two Signing Time DVDs My First Signs and Playtime Signs. Click the App Store button below to view and purchase the application in iTunes. The application will work on any iPhone and also iPod touch. The first section is dedicated to the flashcards. The front side of each flashcard has cute and vibrant images …

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Signing Time Valentines Day Cards in the February Newsletter

Each year in February my girls ask for Signing Time Valentine Cards to pass out to their friends. I am excited to announce that this year they will actually have them. Keep your eyes out for our February Newsletter where we will have a free printable Valentines Day Cards available for download. You can print them on card stock or take them to your local copy shop and have them do the work. Each sheet includes 6 cards with Rachel, Alex, Leah and/or Hopkins. My favorite features Hopkins as Cupid. I hope you will have fun sharing Signing Time Valentines …

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Signing Time Songs available on iTunes

Just wanted to let you all know that all the Signing Time Songs are available for download on iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Rhapsody and Napster. Remember that in order for you to download the songs from iTunes, you will need to download iTunes to your computer first. The songs are available on iTunes US, Canada and Japan only. Also keep in mind that you may need to become members of the other music sharing websites in order to purchase the songs. If you are interested in purchasing all the songs, you can purchase CDs on our website.

Signing Time Halloween

Happy early Halloween from Signing Time! We wanted to share a cute email we got the other day from a fan: Hi there, We thought the Signing Time team might get a kick out of seeing some of their fan club dressed up for Halloween. Brynn, our two-year-old daughter, was one of the signers for Baby Signing Time. She wanted to be Rachel for Halloween, so we did our best with a yellow hoodie and magic markers. We also dressed up her baby sister, Paigey, as Hopkins. As the picture shows, Brynn is pretty excited about it. Baby Hopkins, not …

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Signing Time Star

You think you’ve got a Signing Time star? Send us your video and one lucky family each month will be featured on our website and monthly newsletter!! If we choose your video, winners will be notified by email and will receive a $25 gift certificate to use in the Signing Time store! You can learn some great tips on how your child can become the next Signing Time Star and enter your child by visiting the Signing Time Star page on our website.

Signing Time Forum

Our amazing tech-man, Mike, just updated the Signing Time forum! The Signing Time forum is an online discussion site that contains several categories of discussion, as well as threads and individual posts. The forum is a perfect way to connect with others that may have similar experiences using American Sign Language (ASL) to break down communication barriers. Whether a forum member has children, students or just wants to learn ASL as a second language, the forum makes it possible to ask questions, connect with others in the sign language community and provides a place where others can share their own …

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Signing Time will change your life

One year ago I joined Signing Time as the Director of Technology and Web Marketing. I have enjoyed every minute of being involved with Signing Time so closely. In truth I feel a little lucky and amazed that the opportunity to come work for Signing Time came at the right time and the right place for me. I have four daughters (lucky I guess ;-)) and our third daughter Madie has a genetic disorder. A few years ago we were introduced to Signing Time through some of Madie’s therapists. Madie immediately hooked onto Signing Time and absorbed it like a …

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Signing Time in Las Vegas

I am not sure how many of you know, but Signing Time recently went to Las Vegas as part of the Las Vegas PBS “Sing and Sign” event. Rachel, LeeAnn, Tonya (associates and friends of Signing Time) and I did a couple events while we were there. One of the first things we did the day of the event was Rachel’s early morning interview with Fox Channel 5 in Las Vegas. Rachel talked to the Ted Pretty about the benefits of teaching sign language to children and toddlers at an early age. Ted showed Rachel some signs that he was …

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Welcome to the Signing Time company blog!

Hello Everyone, We are so excited to announce our new company blog for Two Little Hands Productions, creators of Signing Time! With this blog we hope to provide you with the latest and greatest Signing Time and sign language news. Each month, different people on our staff will write about articles, new products, fun facts, resources, behind the scenes or any random facts related to the sign language community. We invite you to take a look at our latest posts, provide any feedback or comments and forward helpful information to your friends. We are most certainly excited about this new …

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