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Lovers Gonna Love – Why People Choose Signing Time

Rachel shared the following on Facebook on August 15th: Feeling especially grateful for our Signing Time families and friends. We are able to do what we love, because there are so many people who love us! (That’s where I choose to focus.) Families who love Signing Time, love Signing Time. ❤️ Families who love Sign It ASL, love Sign It ASL. ❤️ AND… I love what I do because of YOU! #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo We thought it would be fun to share why YOU our Signing Time Families love us from some of the many messages, emails, and testimonials we have received over the …

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Welcome to a World of Communication through Baby Sign Language

We’re thrilled to provide so many free resources that will help you incorporate sign language in your daily life. Thank you for signing with us!   White Paper: Signing with Babies and Children A comprehensive summary of the academic research on the impact of signing on cognitive, linguistic and social-emotional development  Written by Dr. Claire Vallotton Michigan State University Commissioned by Two Little Hands Productions   Download Signing with Babies and Children Now Free Resources Baby Sign Time Parent Guide Download a Signing Checklist so you can track your baby’s progress. Baby Signing Time Progress Chart  Signing Promotes Reading Elizabeth Barrett …

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Priceless Rewards: Beating the Odds with Signing Time

“What could have been a stumbling block became one more chance for Erin to Shine.” Baby Signing Time Kickstarter Backer Diane C. shares her story about the powerful life-long rewards of signing with her daughter, Erin.   “I just have to share how Signing Time continues to touch our lives every day. My daughter has been a life-long member of the Signing Time family. When she had a speech delay because of Down syndrome, Signing Time gave her an age appropriate vocabulary. As her speech ability became stronger, she stopped signing, until she began using longer sentences. Then she used her signs …

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Signing Time and Our Journey As a Special Needs Family

by Lisa T. American Sign Language has been an invaluable blessing to my family. Our three-year-old daughter, June, has complex medical needs including a tracheostomy which prevents her from vocalizing. American Sign Language allows June to communicate with us and to acquire a rich, complete language during these vital early years of brain development. Signing Time enabled us to start learning ASL as a family and to share this language with others. When June received a tracheostomy at 2 months old, doctors did not know if or when she would be able to vocalize. At that time, my husband, my …

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AAP lifts ‘no screens’ rule for babies

New rules say interaction is key The American Academy of Pediatrics released updated media guidelines for parents of infants and toddlers. Screen time that fosters interaction, such as video chats with grandparents, and videos that help babies learn words are among the approved uses of media for babies, albeit with limits. Get the details Download the full AAP report Baby Signing Time, Potty Time, Signing Time, and TreeSchoolers programs encourage and enhance parent-child interaction and build early literacy skills. Digital products are available through SigningTime.TV Free video for parents: Signing With Your Baby Get Your Free Digital Video  

A Window into His Mind

by Megan McWilliams, Master Signing Time Instructor While on a walk, my 16 month son took interest in an electrical box surrounded by a decorative fence. We were only one house from home, so I was anxious to keep moving. He pointed to and babbled about the box for a while. Since I was unable to convince him to continue walking, I  signed and told him “ELECTRICITY BOX DON’T TOUCH” knowing he had never seen the signs for electricity or box before. He replied by signing back “BED.” The window into his mind was opened up to me through that one …

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5 Reasons I Believe Baby Sign Language is Magical

By Marcia Bruce, Baby Signing Time Instructor Originally posted on Calgary Is Signing, MARCH 18, 2016 REASON 1: Baby signing gives you the gift of communication I’ll start with the main reason baby sign language is so fantastic. It gives you the gift of communication with your little one before she can actually talk. No surprise there, right? This benefit is probably listed on every baby signing site out there – babies have control of their hands and can sign before they master the use of their voices. However, you don’t know how magical it is until you see it in action …

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Signing Time or Baby Signing Time?

“Which video series should I start with: Baby Signing Time or Signing Time?” This is a question that many parents ask us. In truth, your children will learn sign language with any of our American Sign Language (ASL) videos. Here is what our Customer Care team says about choosing the video series that will best fit the needs of your family: If your child is age 0-3, start with Baby Signing Time If your child is 3 or older, start with Signing Time If you have a child in each age range, the choice is yours. However, we recommend starting with Baby Signing Time and then …

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Reasons to Continue Signing

From Annette M…..Cedar Park, Texas (Sofia age 2) I am constantly reminded by how blessed our family has been to find Ms. Amy and The Signing Connection, and being introduced to Signing Time, just over two years ago. We originally started classes to learn baby sign language to communicate with our infant. While we have completed the course multiple times throughout our 2+ years we continue coming back for refreshers, and signing has simply become part of our daily life. My toddler has a fairly extensive spoken vocabulary, but when she cannot express the right words she often can sign …

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9 ASL Signs all Pediatric Healthcare Professionals Should Know

Jill Eversmann Speech-Language Pathologist, Signing Time Academy Instructor, Speaker with Cross Country Education Healthcare professionals can make a big difference in interactions with patients who sign by knowing a few basic signs.  Many hearing patients use signs, either as a temporary tool or for a long term communication system if they are nonverbal.  When working with hearing patients who sign, you can confirm that you understand a sign just by saying the word to ask if you are correct. *Please note that Deaf patients have a legal right to a medical interpreter and knowing a few signs does not take the place …

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