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Signing Time Live Concert: Indy+Friends

  Signing Time Live concerts are special events, “where friends can meet and find we’re not so different after all!” On November 12, 2016, Rachel and Leah Coleman gave a surprise concert for Indy Feek, daughter of Rory and the late Joey Feek, at the Joey+Rory Farmhouse Concert Hall in Pottsville, Tennessee. We filmed this concert for you and your family to enjoy. A portion of the proceeds from the digital downloads will go to the Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation. Access your digital download from SigningTime.TV. Get the Digital Video/Download The Story of this Concert Seven-year-old Scout is a serious Signing Time Fan! …

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Signing Time and Our Journey As a Special Needs Family

by Lisa T. American Sign Language has been an invaluable blessing to my family. Our three-year-old daughter, June, has complex medical needs including a tracheostomy which prevents her from vocalizing. American Sign Language allows June to communicate with us and to acquire a rich, complete language during these vital early years of brain development. Signing Time enabled us to start learning ASL as a family and to share this language with others. When June received a tracheostomy at 2 months old, doctors did not know if or when she would be able to vocalize. At that time, my husband, my …

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Signing Time or Baby Signing Time?

“Which video series should I start with: Baby Signing Time or Signing Time?” This is a question that many parents ask us. In truth, your children will learn sign language with any of our American Sign Language (ASL) videos. Here is what our Customer Care team says about choosing the video series that will best fit the needs of your family: If your child is age 0-3, start with Baby Signing Time If your child is 3 or older, start with Signing Time If you have a child in each age range, the choice is yours. However, we recommend starting with Baby Signing Time and then …

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Signing Time Sentences – Taking It to the Next Level

Signing Time Sentences 1: Let’s Get Started Alex and Leah from Signing Time are all grown up! They’re back to teach you how to put signs together to make sentences so you can have conversations in American Sign Language. For kids of all ages. Building on the 1,000+ signs taught in the original Signing Time series. Kristi wrote: This is exactly what we have been looking for! My husband and I are teaching my six-year-old daughter sign language so she can communicate with her deaf uncle.  She only gets to see him once or twice a year so her Signing …

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Signing Time Guide for Children with Down Syndrome

Signing can open up the world of communication for children with Down syndrome because research shows that it supports expressive language, functional communication, and social skills. We’ve written a 10-page ebook that will help you use sign language at home or school to communicate and connect with your child.   Download your guide See more free resources Shop  

Signing Time Christmas is close to becoming a reality!

Watch the captioned edition of this video here Every year we get requests for Signing Time Christmas. And every year we talk about it, get all excited, but then we always seem to get stuck on the question: Do enough people really want it to justify the cost of doing it? So we decided to Kickstart it. We set the goal for $75,000 and posted it up a few days ago. We seem to have gotten our answer already: 750 families pledged more than $62,000 since the campaign started! If we make our goal by December 9, 2013, we’ll make …

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Signing Time Shirts for Babies

  A great gift for just $6.99! Get this royal blue t-shirt “onesie” with the Signing Time logo on the front. Ribbed crew neck. Reinforced 3-snap closure. 100% Cotton. Size: 12 months. On sale for just $6.99 while supplies last.                 

Signing Time Instructors are Making a Difference

There are Signing Time Academy Instructors around the world providing parent workshops, baby sign language classes, teacher training, signing clubs, play groups, home parties, and free presentations. We love sharing some of the amazing things they are doing. Baby Signing Time Instructor, Brenda Bonk, Simply Signing Northwest, LLC has a lot of exciting things coming up in Oregon! On March 21st, Brenda Bonk will be partnering with a local art studio, Art ala Carte (, to teach a Play & Sign: Toddler Talk class. Monthly classes at this location are in the works for “attend as you can” type classes. …

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Signing Time SALE! Animals Signs Pack 20% off

Signing Time Animal Signs Pack Vol. 7: Leah’s Farm DVD Vol. 8: The Great Outdoors DVD Vol. 9: The Zoo Train DVD Vol. 7-9 Music CD Teaches the signs for:  Farm – Chicken – Horse – Goat – Mouse – Rooster – Sheep – Cow – Donkey – Pig – Turkey – Duck – Rabbit – Snail – Frog – Snake – Lizard – Turtle – Porcupine – Raccoon – Deer – Bear – Owl – Skunk – Beaver – Wolf – Eagle – Fox – Bug – Ant – Fly – Spider – Bee – Worm – Mosquito – Caterpillar …

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