New! Online ASL Class

SignIt ASL 

If your family has enjoyed Signing Time and you’re ready to learn more, this new online class is for you.

With SignIt ASL, you’ll learn American Sign Language vocabulary, sentences, fingerspelling, grammar, conversation, and more! Please note that this course is available separately from SigningTime.TV. 

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About SignIt ASL

Who is this class for?
SignIt ASL is designed for middle school, high school, college students, and adults.

Can younger children use SignIt ASL?
Many, many parents have told us that their younger children ages 6-12 are enjoying SignIt ASL! Part of what makes the class fun for kids is that it features ASL comedian Keith Wann, whose unique brand of physical humor appeals to all ages.

How is SignIt ASL different from Signing Time?
Signing Time teaches ASL vocabulary. SignIt ASL is equivalent to an ASL 101 course. It teaches vocabulary, sentences, conversation, grammar, fingerspelling, idioms, and more.

Is SignIt ASL available on SigningTime.TV
Because of the quizzes and progress-tracking features in SignIt ASL,  this course cannot be accessed through SigningTime.TV. Instead, you’ll access your SignIt ASL lessons at

How is the SignIt ASL course delivered?
SignIt ASL is an online class. You must be connected to the internet while you are taking the course so you can view videos, get instant feedback on your quiz questions, track your progress through the class.

Can I get SignIt ASL on a DVD?
SignIt ASL is only available online.

Can I download SignIt ASL? 
There are hours and hours of video content in each lesson of the course. Downloading the video content alone would require more storage than is available on most mobile devices. We provide this course online so you can enjoy instant access to the videos, instant feedback on your quiz questions, and progress tracking features.

Can I preview SignIt ASL? 
Yes! Get free Sample Lessons here.

Are Rachel, Alex and Leah in SignIt ASL? 
Yes! All three stars of Signing Time are in the SignIt ASL videos, along with ASL comedian Keith Wann and other well-known Deaf actors.